Mobile Banking

More and more people keep their cards in their bags and pull their mobile phones out. In today’s world that revolves around technology nowadays, it is no wonder more users are seeking more convenient and practical means to do their financial transactions without having to go to a bank. This is why mobile banking is a vital function for most users.

Mobile banking allows users to do their financial transactions using their mobile phones. By doing so, finding information and tools they need for tasks makes it more available, easier, and simpler.

Who can use it?

All bank users are allowed to use it. The advantage of mobile banking is being able to immediately access a user’s bank account online, without having to go to a bank itself or an ATM to inquire about the current balance, transfer funds, or other financial transactions.
How does Mobile Banking work?

By logging into a bank account using a mobile phone, one can already access mobile banking. You already have all the information that you need but instead of going to a bank and performing financial transactions there, you can do it on your phone in the comfort of your home or wherever you are. It’s like taking a bank with you wherever, whenever.

Mobile banking allows its users to inquire their balance, transfer funds, transfer their savings account to a checking account and vice versa, and deposit checks (in certain countries), to name a few. This service is designed to make daily financial transactions quick, mobile, and cashless.

It helps users connect to their bank accounts and keep track of their finances. On the other hand, it also helps service providers expand their business and add value to their services by offering more extensive and unique features to their services to a larger network of users.

Benefits with Novatti

  • Mobile Banking allows subscribers to use a safe and secure digital wallet
  • It is flexible to cater banking services to a broader range of users without compromising the effectiveness and vigour of the system
  • It is also cost-efficient and user-friendly
  • Users will not have a hard time navigating the app and making themselves familiar with the features
  • Novatti Mobile Banking solution aims to protect its users’ identity through practical and convenient ways
  • Responding to clients growing demands and needs
  • Novatti takes on the challenge to aim higher and provide more quality services
  • Robust, powerful and modern functionality
  • The product enables users to feel empowered to use mobile banking at their convenience
  • Exclusivity offered with the Novatti Mobile Banking solution app
  • Novatti aspires to understand how their customers want to handle their finances
  • Novatti Mobile solution, everything is fast, convenient, flexible, innovative, and most important of all, secure

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