Electronic Top-Up

Enables operators to provide prepaid mobile top-up of any value, anywhere, at any time, via online payment or through retail distribution channels.

Built on the Novatti platform, this flexible system enables secure variable airtime value top-ups using standard SMS, USSD, or host-based messaging. By replacing physical recharge vouchers, operators can offer a more convenient and cost-effective top-up method, ultimately enhancing end-user experience.

What is in our offer?

  • Supports cash based payments where no settlement is required
  • Supports traditional payments requiring multi-party settlement
  • Distribution agents can be prepaid, or invoiced in arrears for sales
  • Fully electronic – eliminates voucher production and distribution costs
  • Operates in real time – operator and distributors always know their stock levels
  • Multi-level distribution hierarchy
  • Gives the operator greater control over the distribution and reseller network
  • Supports fixed and variable top-up denominations
  • Eliminates reseller fraud and bad debt
  • Interfaces to a wide range of prepaid systems

Benefits with Novatti

  • Open up new distribution opportunities, and enable operators to target their products to new market segments through the creation of a low cost, high volume mobile retail network that can drive new ways to sell prepaid mobile airtime
  • Savings in distribution and manufacturing costs, leading to a reduction in the minimum top-up amount
  • Higher margins due to streamlined business process
  • Quickly configure and launch new products to consolidate a market lead, or quickly adapt to market changes or competitive strategies
  • Streamline management of distribution channels with the added potential to sell directly to end-users
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring of business performance
  • Reduced risk of fraud and theft by eliminating physical vouchers

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