Digital Commerce.. shopping on the move

Digital Commerce

Digital Commerce or Mobile Commerce (mCommerce) is the act of using a mobile phone or a laptop computer to perform transactions online. As mobile usage grows, mCommerce presents an excellent prospect of letting consumers do tasks and shopping with ease and convenience. MCommerce offers a broad range of services such as purchasing and or selling good and services online, settling bills, tracking orders, and more.

Who can use it?

  • Customers (i.e. smartphone users, online shoppers)
  • Business Owners
  • Marketers
  • Online Shop Owners

How does Digital Commerce work?

In 2015, mobile browsing has increased in Australia to a staggering 50% of purchasing usage. This gives marketers a higher chance to increase their sales and push through with more marketing efforts. More so, 25% of smartphone users are attached to their mobile devices 24/7, and most, if not all of them prefer to do transactions online as opposed to buying something in-store or in person.

Based on research, almost 80% of desktop usage is directed towards social media. This gives businesses a probable increase in the website or page visits. Furthermore, studies show that during 2013, mobile users that read e-mails via their smartphones increased to 34% in a span of a five-month period, while users who opened their webmails on desktops decreased by 11% and 9.5% respectively.

What is in our offer?

It is in your company’s interest to bring forth an innovative yet enjoyable shopping experience for online consumers by extending your reach to consumers increasing digital demands and needs.

As online shop visits increase, Novatti acknowledges that media now plays an important role with what mobile users prefer to browse on their phones. With this, Novatti mCommerce Solution aims to enable businesses with its powerful and attractive solutions, readable texts, and page designs that are easy on the eyes yet leave your consumers wanting to read more.

Why Novatti Digital Commerce solution?

  • Novatti mCommerce solution focuses on making the online shopping experience more worthwhile and easier
  • Through extensive research, Novatti aims to learn more about consumer shopping behavior combined with mobile usage and preference
  • With its core values as a guide, Novatti mCommerce solution offers hybrid solutions by offering consumers what they need
  • A single photo speaks a thousand words, and Novatti mCommerce Solution proves that by providing a wide array of solutions with just one click
  • As the younger generation turns to using their mobile devices for both communication and entertainment purposes, other older generations are starting to copy this behaviour
  • Overall, the way consumers shop is ever-changing and continuously evolving, we must always adapt to stay relevant with the market