Cross-Border Payments

Convert money into airtime and then used to top-up prepaid accounts for friends or family’s in their home country. It provides a cost-effective mechanism for cross-border payments involving small fixed or variable amounts. The solution can be deployed by a specialist top-up operator or a trans-global mobile operator.

How it Works

The International top-up operator purchases airtime (from international mobile operators) at a wholesale or discounted rate. Retail distribution channels purchase airtime from the international top-up operator and sell airtime to customers for a service fee.

The process:

  1. Customers simply proceed to the nearest retailer, specifying the prepaid mobile number and amount they wish to top-up
  2. The point-of-sale operator processes the payment, transferring funds to the recipient’s prepaid balance within seconds
  3. The end-user is immediately notified and has access to the top-up amount

An alternative method of initiating a top-up is through the purchase and redemption of a specialist international top-up voucher. This does not require retail assistance, since the voucher can be purchased online or from a vending machine.

What is in our offer?

  • White label merchant portal with diverse branding options
  • Foreign exchange conversions, including automatic or manual rate and fee management
  • End-to-end management of agents and channels
  • Versatility in integrating with various agent terminal types such as bank ATMs, POS terminals, EFTPOS terminals, web portals, mobile apps
  • Simplified stock management through automated tracking and alerts

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