Cardless Banking

Allow users to withdraw cash from ATMs without using any card. It works as simple as downloading the bank's app, signing up for an account, and using it to withdraw cash from an ATM. It also enables smartphone users to send money to a family or a friend, which the latter can withdraw from any specified ATM without the use of any debit or credit card. Security features protect the integrity of Novatti Cardless Banking solution and ensures users that the app is genuinely registered and available for use by anyone.

Who can use it?

Cardless Banking enables users to avail the service via the designated smartphone app and a registered account with a financial institution or bank. On the other hand, the recipient of the cash may be a bank or a non-bank user, of the same bank or a different one.

How does Cardless Banking work?

The advantage of using Cardless Banking or Cardless Cash Withdrawal is being able to perform cash withdrawals from ATMs without having to use any credit or debit card.

It also allows the same user to transfer funds to a family or a friend with or with no bank account. This type of service is flexible to both the bank and non-bank users, it is versatile, and it meets customer demands and needs.

Novatti Cardless Banking Solution allows consumers to register an account with the app using their Internet Banking login information.

It is followed by a second-level verification of information by pinning in the user’s debit card number. Once the transaction is done, the user’s account is confirmed and available for use.

Benefits with Novatti

  • With Novatti Cardless Banking Solution, cardless banking is certified secure and legitimate
  • It requires some steps for a user to be a legitimate cardless banking service user, which authenticates the identity of the user to prevent misuse of the account and the funds
  • Novatti also offers users the ability to withdraw up to the financial institutions limit per day
  • This transaction limit was put in place for the protection of the users
  • It also eliminates any attempt to withdraw illegitimate cash
  • The user can update his/her phone number through the app

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