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We are passionate about innovations within the payments industry.

From traditional to alternative payments, our global customers benefit from the expertise our operations team brings. We know how complex payments can be, so we try to make the journey straightforward for you.

Reap the benefits of a vigorously compliant ASX-listed company that has partnered with the best to provide you the best.

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Want to offer new payment processing products? Know you’re in good hands with Novatti

Card Issuing

Novatti is a Visa Principal Partner and brings a range of licenses and fintech capabilities to deliver white label programs and services.

Novatti offers a range of card issuing solutions for enterprises, small to medium businesses and sole traders which takes the pain out of payments.

Through the issuing of prepaid Visa cards, solutions are tailor-made for individual businesses to:

  • Simplify business expenses
  • Pay people quickly and efficiently
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Support Government initiatives

With full support from us, we can help kick-start your new payment program today and future-proof your business with a secure digital solution.

Point of Sale Financing

Using POS financing, businesses provide their customer with the option for a real-time loan (or line of credit) to make an on-the-spot purchase in-store or online.

Customers will benefit from the ability to budget and manage funds through tailored prepaid card solutions – including virtual accounts, corporate cards, disbursement cards, and employee rewards and incentives.

Key benefits for lenders and their customers

  • Instant issuance of virtual cards
  • Just-In-Time financing
  • Use anywhere that accepts Visa, anytime
  • Seamless reconciliation and settlement
  • Dynamic authorisation controls
  • Ubiquitous finance

How POS Financing Works

Cross-border Payments

In Australia, Novatti provides wholesale payment facilitation in and out of Australia for its’ own Affiliated agents (Affiliates) to conduct remittance operations to and from the Australian market. This remittance and settlement service are being extended to other countries to service other remittance corridors globally.

For Chinese residents in Australia, Novatti provides the platform to facilitate payment from Wechat Pay and Alipay wallets for bills made available through the Australian BPay service.

Voucher and Wallet Systems

Compliant cash voucher services are provided to a global customer base to enable cash to be transferred to a digital form for use on eCommerce trading and services websites, with significant operations in Australia and Canada and pin-point solutions for other countries and regions. The platform facilitates tokenized value accounting for use by business customers financial systems. Novatti deploys managed electronic wallet solutions for specific customer needs.

Subscription Billing and Bill Presentment

Novatti has extensive billing capabilities. Through the Emersion platform, we can integrate and automate end-to-end business processes, including billing, collections, subscription management and embedded payments. Further, basis2 has a specialised billing solution for utility clients. These capabilities can improve customer cash flow, lower costs, and free-up businesses to focus on their customers. 

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