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    Novatti enables businesses to pay and be paid, from any device, anywhere. From corner stores and startups to global organisations, our solutions will unlock your ambitions.

    Novatti is a leading digital banking and payments company. We make payments fast, simple, and secure.

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    We believe in working together to become better overall. The world is already changing, cash is no longer enough. Talk to us to find out where the digital payments age is going.

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Issuing Solutions

Real Time Funding

Traditionally, prepaid cards needed to be loaded with funds first before use. With Real Time Funding, you can automatically authorise a payment and fund an account in real-time, using cards that carry a zero-balance.

Real Time Funding offers a range of benefits and industry applications, by enabling businesses to:

  • Set customisable spend rules to mitigate fraud and ensure funds are only used as intended
  • Distribute physical, virtual or digital gift cards that can be redeemed in-store or online, at specific outlets or wherever Visa is accepted.
  • Automate payments and increase business efficiency by simplifying reconciliations, reporting and approvals.
  • Improve customer experience and supplier relations by digitalising payments with the use of digital wallets and virtual cards.

Financial Institutions

Marketplace & Gig Economy

Relief & Welfare

Transport & Logistics

Direct Entry

Send or receive money directly to or from the customers’ or employees’ bank accounts. Direct entry allows you to send batch payments that meet or exceed industry requirements.

Novatti is a Tier 1 participant in the Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS).


Make payments via BPAY from your App. A customer uses their App to initiate a transfer from their account to an account identified by a BPAY biller code and CRN.

Novatti will use the BPAY channel and apply the business rules for the transaction.

New Payments Platform (NPP)

Make and receive payments via NPP from and to your account. Customers use their App to:

  • Transfer to an account identified by NPP PayID.
  • Receive payments from an account identified by NPP PayID.

Novatti will use the NPP channel and apply the business rules for the transaction.

BIN Sponsorship

Novatti offers BIN Sponsorship services to qualifying organisations. BIN Sponsorship provides access to the Visa payment network, the ability to issue Visa Prepaid cards through our Visa Issuing and other financial service provider licenses. Partnering with Novatti for BIN Sponsorship is the fastest and most convenient way to launch your payment program.

Novatti will guide you through the process of implementing a payment program. Our role is to:

  • Connect your organisation to the Visa Network
  • Ensure regulatory and scheme compliance to local and regional regulations across APAC
  • Submit and get approval from Visa for your program
  • Provide necessary reporting to Visa and regulatory institutions as required
  • Establish and manage funding and settlement of Visa accounts daily
  • Establish and monitor program controls and audits

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