History & Heritage

April 1994 – Original Heritage
Our heritage started with the creation of a post-paid billing system and service provider called Long Distance Direct Pty Ltd.

November 1996 – Unidial
Technology for an innovative prepaid calling card service was created. This was one of the first of its kind in the world and became one of the largest prepaid calling card services in Australia.

Unidial products were successfully distributed nationally in a range of branded channels including 7-Eleven, Shell, BP and newsagents.

January 1997 – Total Tel Ltd
Whilst operating Unidial, Total Tel Ltd was launched with the first prepaid mobile service operator in Australia, and one of the first prepaid MVNOs in the world.

Vodafone Australia bought Total Tel’s prepaid mobile service confirming the extent of innovation at the time.

Total Tel’s international arm started to productise the technology and sell platforms internationally. The first Asian customers were in India and Sri Lanka, followed by customers in Africa in 1999.

May 2002 – Ezipin International Pty Ltd
The Novatti Group entity history started with the creation of a post-paid billing system and service provider called Ezipin International Pty Ltd.

After recognising the burgeoning growth in top-up for prepaid MNOs, Total Tel established Ezipin Australia, creating a national electronic recharge service. In a related move, the group sponsored the introduction of Ezipin Canada in 2003, which, to this day, still utilises technologies and services from the group.

May 2007 – Total Tel International Pty Ltd
The entity became known as Total Tel International Pty Ltd and continued to accumulate global experience and also advanced to build the first digital wallet platform, for next generation mobile financial services.

October 2012 – Novatti Pty Ltd
Total Tel International Pty Ltd was renamed to Novatti Pty Ltd to reflect more accurately the focus on innovation in the mobile and alternative payments industry. This commitment echoed in the history of identifying emergent trends to develop successfully and deliver payments technology. Novatti’s clients included tier one telecommunication companies from all over the world, processing millions of financial transactions per day. Since this launch in 2002, technology platform sales have reached 25 countries on five continents.

June 2015 – Novatti Group
Novatti Group was incorporated on 19 June 2015 to acquire Novatti and its controlled subsidiaries and raise equity through listing on the ASX.